The Artificial Intelligence (AI) for K-12 initiative (AI4K12) is jointly sponsored by AAAI and CSTA

The initiative is developing (1) national guidelines for AI education for K-12, (2) an online, curated resource Directory to facilitate AI instruction, and (3) a community of practitioners, researchers, resource and tool developers focused on the AI for K-12 audience. Check out the following information to learn about this initiative.

5 Big Ideas in AI


poster you can print, and an illustrative graphic. Click for copyright and licensing information. Short link: This poster is also available in multiple languages.

We have icons available for each of the Five Big Ideas on the poster page under Resources.


K-12 AI Guidelines

The AI for K-12 guidelines are organized around the 5 Big Ideas in AI. The guidelines will serve as a framework to assist standards writers and curricula developers on AI concepts, essential knowledge, and skills by grade band.

The AI4K12 draft guidelines are organized in K-12 grade band progression charts and are available in the Guidelines menu for Big Idea 1, Big Idea 2 , Big Idea 3, and Big Idea 4.



Looking for instructional resources to teach artificial intelligence?

Visit the Resources page for a curated list of books, curriculum materials, course outlines, software, videos, and more. The list includes professional development courses for educators to learn about AI.

NEW – AI4K12 and NEOM are excited to announce the launch of a new series of Activity Resource Guides for Teaching Artificial Intelligence in K-12.

Have a great resource that’s not on the list? Please use this form to submit suggestions for resources to add to the list.

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